Thursday, April 05, 2012


When my kids were little, they'd always ask what my favorite color was. I have a hard time with favorites. I have colors that look good on me and colors that I enjoy looking at. As an adult, I rarely have a favorite. But this morning as I walked through the neighborhoods, I realized that I have a favorite color tulip.
Funny that the very first color I think of with tulips is red. I think that's a traditional color. I don't see that many of them any more though.

Pink is another popular tulip color. This one is cool because it has a fringey thing along the top.

Yellow tulips are also fairly traditional. These are too pale for me.

These dark purple tulips are pretty gorgeous too, although the color is a little washed out in this picture.

But my favorite color tulip are these mixes of peach and pink or yellow. I think I'll call it champagne peach.

What is your favorite color of tulip?


Lucia said...

I love bright pink or dark purple.

BFF said...

I love them all and plant a mélange of colors every few years and hope the squirrels leave a mix.

Linda said...

I love tulips. I think the red always catches my eye.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

love the purple especially.

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