Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Want a France Meme

Last week, on Thursday, I tried the "I Love France" meme. Unfortunately, it looks like the blog that used to do that is no longer doing it. Sigh...
I want a weekly France meme, but I don't have any bright ideas. Do you?
What could bloggers write about every week if they love France?
I'd like to include books, movies, photos, stories, food, fashion -- all from France.
I could even make a cool logo for it (or ask a more-talented friend to do it).
I'm waiting for your brilliant suggestions. Meanwhile, here's a photo that Grace took of Mont St. Michel with some sort of special effect. Lovely.


Sim Carter said...

I adore the idea of a French meme! Did you mention French books and especially, movies, haha!
Also I have a picture of me, as a grown woman of thirty something, hanging onto one of the gargoyles high up on Notre Dame Cathedral that I would love to share.

Paulita said...

See, I have to come up with something.

Esme said...

Did you particpate in Paris in July-it is a French meme-and people posted about everything French-I say why limit it-it could be movies in France, food, books, events, photos-the country has so much to offer.

Jeudi en France. I think people love everything French-okay not all people.

Louise said...

I would love a regular French meme too. It seems the I Love France meme is still running, though not strictly every week, and doesn't seem to have a Mr Linky currently, or some other way for other people to attach their own posts. I did Paris in July and loved it, although I couldn't keep up that level of activity year round I know. It would be nice to have a hub of French fans to share French posts. I'm planning another trip next year and so starting to do some Paris reading again.

Anonymous said...

for all commenters here: I love France meme is still running. even if I don't post every week, when you click on the icon in the sidebar, you lend on the very last post, and I keep so far all the links from one post to the next, so your link will not get lost.
last post today is:

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