Thursday, October 04, 2012

My Book is Now Available

That sounds kind of low-key, doesn't it?
Oh, anyone interested in buying my book?
I am so excited.
Here's me when the first copy came in the mail:
The Fed Ex guy didn't even get to the door. I met him on the front porch.
Lots of you know that I've been working on this novel, revising, refining. But for anyone who doesn't, here's the blurb:
Could a crackly phone call from France to Ohio save Fia Randolph’s jobless complications and family troubles? That’s what she hopes when her Uncle Martin asks Fia, her husband, and teenage twins to move to Provence and take over his bed and breakfast. She envisions long picturesque walks carrying crusty baguettes and bonding with the kids as they all learn French. But Fia didn’t bargain on the way Provence would tempt her teens and husband away from the family. Then Uncle Martin’s World War II secret wrenches her family further apart. Can Fia pull her family back together and help clear her uncle’s guilty conscience?
And where can you snatch up a copy of my book?
The paperback will be available on Amazon, but it isn't there yet. Right now, you can find it here. And if you type in the Code PLUMA by Oct. 5, you can get a 20 percent discount.
You can find it in ebook form for only $4.99 on Amazon for the Kindle here and on Barnes and Noble for the Nook here.
I'm so happy about my novel, that I can almost forget about my impending nose surgery tomorrow. But I'll fill you in on that later. Let me bask in the glory for a few more hours.


Suzie Tullett said...

Just downloaded my Kindle copy from Amazon UK and am looking forward to getting stuck in! Congratulations, Paulita and all the best with it x

judi said...

I can't wait to get my copy!
SO happy for you!!!

Paulita said...

Suzie, Thanks so much for your support. It's been such fun watching your experience.
Judi, You're a librarian! Get a copy!
Hope you both like it. I'm so nervous to hear what people think.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Congratulations! I buy the Kindle version:) Wishing you much success.

Sim Carter said...

CONGRATS! Downloading it on my NOOK right now...WOW! Should we talk about who you would like to cast in the key parts in the movie version or should I at least read the book first?

Sim Carter said...

You probably know bout Author Media but here's a FB link!/AuthorMedia

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Paulita,

Thanks for visiting Fiction Books earlier. I always love meeing new people and I am willing to chat about just about anything, be it book related, or otherwise.

I have checked out your official author page and have already added 'The Summer Of France' to my list. The storyline is so intriguing, that I really need to know how it all ends!!

I have just one problem right now ... and it is a nice problem to have ... I have so many author review requests to get through, that I just don't know when I am going to get to acquire the book, let alone read it ... I wonder if any of the reviews gives away any spoilers!!!

Just joking!

I hope that the book is a great success for you,


Paulita said...

Diane, The many books you read help inspire me that there are still millions of us out there who want to read new books.
Sim, Thanks for your support on the book and the author's page.
Yvonne, I can undestand wanting to take short cuts, but I'm not telling you what happens. I hope you like the journey as well as the end.

Staci said...

Totally awesome!! I'm buying my copy right now!

Paulita said...

Staci, Thanks. Hope you enjoy it.

Sim Carter said...

I am having such a great time reading this book. Exciting plot twists so far!

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