Sunday, October 07, 2012

Books to Movies

When I blogged about my book being published, Sim from Chapter 1- Take 1 immediately asked if I'd picked out who would play the characters in the movie. Of course, her blog is all about books that are made into movies, so that's the way her mind works.
I would love to see my book made into a movie. It has scenic landscapes in Provence, flashbacks to World War II, and a motorcycle chase from Provence to Krakow.
I haven't really pegged any certain actors into roles though -- except one. The handsome Frenchman Christophe should be played by Gilles Marini.

Photo from Google Images
I think I first saw him as Samantha's neighbor in Sex in the City, can't remember if it was the movie or the television show, but it was when Samantha lived in California with her boyfriend. Gilles was the next door neighbor who peeled off his wetsuit on the balcony.
I'll wait til the rest of you have read my book to throw out some ideas about who should play the other characters.


Staci said...

Holy moly!! He's pretty steamy...checking out your book right now!

Paulita said...

Thanks, Staci. He's not actually in the book, you know. JK. I did imagine him when I was writing the about the Frenchman.

DCMetroreader said...

The scene was from the first Sex and the City movie.

Congrats on the book!

Sim Carter said...

Ok I would say Mr. Marini should be in the movie version of your novel no matter what. And you can visit the set and tell him exactly how you envisioned him! I have been so immersed in Cloud Atlas I haven't started your book yet - but I am a proud owner of it on my NOOK. I can hardly wait to read the story and get to know the characters. And talk about who should play them in the dream movie!

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