Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Love France Meme -- Rooftops

This week, I'm starting the I Love France meme that is sponsored by Words and Peace. I know this won't shock many of you who read my blog regularly.
So what to share about France? It's so hard to choose.
I thought I'd go with a simple photo that definitely says France to me.

This photo was taken from our friend's apartment in Nantes. They have a top floor apartment that overlooks both the chateau de Nantes and the cathedral. Everything is perfect, except that 5-floor walk up, but that's probably what keeps them healthy.
Obviously, the other view is of rooftops. Why do these roofs look so French?


Just Me said...

Unbelievable and definitely French.
Love the roof tops

Jeanie said...

I love this photo! You're right -- it does say France! There is something magical about the rooftops. Such charm!

danasparkle said...

i love France too. living here for 3months. Shutters are my favourites. *

Sim Carter said...

C'est magnifique! That's the extent of my French and I don't even know if I spelled that right.
Also wanted to let you know that I started your book, The Summer of France (how apropos!) last night and I'm loving it! One look at those real French doors and I was a goner. Just met Christophe by name, poor Grayson better watch out! And I love her; she's so determined and spunky yet has an endearing insecure streak too. Kudos!


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