Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reading Childhood

For the past few weeks, I had a machine that scans negatives into my computer. I spent a few days trying to capture my children's photo memories. Some of them turned out well, others had off colors.
As I had a chance to review the kids' childhoods, I couldn't help but notice how often we read books.
No matter who came to the house, they needed to read books with the kids.
Here's a teenage neighborhood boy reading to Grace dressed as a dog. 

Here's Spencer thrilled with a Castle book. 

Spencer reading Sleeping Beauty to himself in his toddler bed. 

My friend Pat from Florida reading to Grace 

Grace and cousin Abby momentarily distracted from their book. 

Grace reading Thomas the Tank Engine to Spencer.

Me reading to Grace and Spencer.

Our neighbor Barb reading to Grace and Spencer. 

I didn't finish scanning photos, so I didn't get to many of Tucker, but I needed to include him, not reading, but getting buried in the sand.
The next time I post about my kids, I'm going to show you why would should have known that Grace would be an actress. 


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Brilliant to see .. I read to my grand children .or should I say used too they love reading to me :-) read to youngest age nearly 3 , she adores books.

Louise said...

Great photos! The colour is always a bit off in old photos. I don't think I've got one photo of me reading to my son and I even though I did it every night that I could until he was 11.

Unknown said...

Love these so much.

Just Me said...

I am enjoying this so very much!


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