Monday, February 27, 2012


I meet each weekend with my friends to run. We start while it is still dark and we talk about everything on the scenic running trail along the river.
This weekend, I made a discovery. Many of us are in serious denial -- that's how we cope.
Here's some evidence:
My friend Stephanie asked if I wanted to join an exercise class near my house. She had already told us about this exercise class and how they take weight and body mass index (BMI) at the beginning. I told her I couldn't possibly join the exercise class until I reduced my BMI. I didn't find anything ironic about needing to lose weight before I join an exercise class.
Then another running friend talked about her new doctor. I said I couldn't possibly go back for another check up until I reduced my cholesterol, which meant more healthy eating and more running. Again, once it's fixed, I'm happy to go get help.
Stephanie has been dealing with some family difficulties and we urged her to go see a psychologist, who we highly recommend.
"I can't possibly go like this," she said. "I'd just go and cry."
So Stephanie must first get control of her emotions before she can go see the psychologist.
That seems to be the way for us -- we want to fix the problem before we go get help for it. It helps up deny there's a problem.
The last straw came at the end of the run; the sun was up and Stephanie stood facing me.
"Oooh. Your eye does look bad," she said. My eye is still recovering from a burst blood vessel that covered the white with red.
"I vote we start running earlier so we can finish before it gets light and we don't have to look at Paulita's eye," Stephanie said.
We'd rather keep things in the dark than have to deal with them. Truthfully, denial is easier.


Linda said...

I guess it's like cleaning your house before the cleaning lady comes.

Linda said...
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Just Me said...

Ha ! This is so funny. I love how we can better see and accept ourselves through laughter.

aguja said...

This post is so much fun and so full of human frailty. This is how we are.

I think that you and your friends are just perect being imperfect, as you match up with the rest of us.

Keep running. Keep laughing. And don't ever lose your sense of humour!!

Suzie Tullett said...

Loved this post, Paulita. So typical of me and my friends, too.

By the way, I've included you in my Versatile Blogger Awards! x

Stephanie said...

Hmm? We're pretty warped, aren't we?

BFF said...

You may all actually be in denial, but I am the Queen. Bow down to me

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

Sadly you made me laugh! I just started eating a little more fiber so my borderline cholesterol numbers would be in the good range when I go for a blood test next month. I guess we are all alike!


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