Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Rest for the Wicked

I don't mean to complain, which means this already sounds like a complaint, but I just realized that I have only one evening this week where I don't have to be some place.
In the winter, I like to stay home and hibernate, especially in the evenings, so that's a big deal.
Sunday evening, Earl and I went to our ballroom dance class. We're taking the intermediate class this time, so we're a little lost. We came home and shared Brie fondue with the boys.
Monday and Wednesday evenings I teach at 6 p.m.
Last night (Tuesday) was an away basketball game. One of the worst I've seen with our team only scoring 1 point the first quarter. The ball would go in, spin around inside the rim, and pop out. Oh, well. Another evening gone.
Thursday evening is my one night home. I'll spend it cleaning the house because we're having 20 swimmers here on Friday morning for breakfast before they go swim at districts.
After districts all day Friday, we'll go to a basketball game at home Friday night. Then another basketball game Saturday night, which is senior night.
So, rather than complaining about all the to-ing and fro-ing this week, I'll try to savor these waning moments watching my senior play basketball.
I'll cheer on my sophomore swimmer, who broke a school record a few weeks ago and made it to districts in all his events. I'll even cross my fingers that he makes it to states. And if he does, then maybe I'll be posting again next week about how busy things are as I get Tucker to swim practice then drive to northern Ohio for the state swim tournament. But...I'm getting ahead of myself.
I'd better get through the rest of this week first.


You Go Girl ! said...

Great picture. Congrats to the swim team and Tucker and the basketball team for that matter.

Enjoy Senior night - will there be ballroom dancing.

Ya done good !

Linda said...

I like that butterfly stroke too. As someone said, You can rest when you're dead.


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