Friday, February 10, 2012

Scarf Impaired

I think I'm scarf impaired. No matter how I tie a scarf, it ends up looking like a thick string around my neck or a kerchief. Sigh.
This morning, I have on my purple cashmere sweater and a silk scarf from a blogging friend who moved from Texas to Paris for a year. The scarf has shades of green, some blue and pale purple running through it. I knew it would go perfectly with the sweater, but how to tie it?
It's a square, so I folded it in half to make a triangle and I turned to the Youtube video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf.

The woman on this video is a genius and she makes everything look so easy.
I tried and tried to tie it, but each time it ended up looking like I was a cowboy wearing a bandana ready to cover my face in a dust storm created by cattle on the move.
Then I went to school to teach and scarf unwrapped itself like a snake uncoiling. Crumbs from my breakfast fell onto the desk in front of me and I wiped them away before any of the students noticed that my kerchief had captured my breakfast crumbs.
Eventually, I just tied the scarf in a knot in front of my sweater. That's as fancy as I'm able to get with scarves.


judi said...

you are not alone, my friend. you are not alone.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I know one way to tie a scarf...pathetic. This will be helpful; thanks.

Linda said...

I think those silk scarves are almost impossible to tie. They just fall apart as yours did unless they are in a knot. I have two ways to wear a scarf that always work but you need a long lone like the lady in the video has.

Louise said...

I can do 2! I have no idea what to do with squares though. I can only wear the long rectangular ones. Oh I've got some really big ones I can wear like a shawl so I guess that's 3! I would like to try some of her variations in our winter, I'll have to try and remember when the time comes.

Just Me said...

Beautiful scarf and perfect for your outfit !

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