Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Little Princesses

This afternoon, Earl's niece called and asked whether I felt like entertaining her three-year-old daughter Caroline. I don't teach on Wednesdays so I went to the new house they've purchased about five minutes away.
The house is empty with freshly refinished floors and patched walls waiting for new paint colors.
Caroline and I stopped at Half-Price books. Caroline has a new thing about the color pink and wearing dresses. She loves both of them. It's a surprise because she seemed like such a practical little girl. In the book store, Caroline headed straight for the princess books and was momentarily distracted by a Hello Kitty purse.
When we got back to our house, I went to the basement and dug out some old VCR tapes. Caroline wanted The Little Mermaid, but I couldn't find it any where. I did find Cinderella. I turned it on and Caroline was engrossed.
Toward the end of the movie, Caroline declared that she needed a dress to wear. The Snow White costume I made when was Grace was 2 was hanging in the basement, so I got it and she slipped it on.
"Now I need a crown," she declared. I searched Grace's room, but apparently she took her tiara with her to college. So I cut out a cardboard crown (think Burger King crown) and covered it in aluminum foil.
I tried to get a good photo of her, but whichever direction I turned in, the sun was shining through the windows flooding it in backlighting. So I went for a cute expression.

It seems like just a minute ago that Grace was wearing this dress and now she's in college.
I forgot that I had this picture of Grace wearing the dress. So here she is.

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Just Me said...

Oh my. You must be the most bestest sitter ever !!! (smile)

Sometimes only bad english will work.

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