Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Love France -- Ice Cream Sundaes

This week, I'm participating in the I Love France meme that is sponsored by Words and Peace.
Because I'm hungry, since my friend Sheila convinced me to start keeping track of my calories on an App, I'm sharing with you a picture of me eating an ice cream sundae in France.
Nobody does ice cream sundaes like the French. It's not just a sundae; it's a production.

The glass is a tall parfait glass with carefully placed layers of ice cream and chocolate. No one asks if you'd like whipped cream, they just give it to you. And they include a wedge of wafer sticking out from the top.
I guess that's the thing about the French; they know how to do food. One of the many (main) reasons we love them.
This photo was taken in Aix end Provence about 10 years ago.


Delana@dujour said...

How do you eat that and look like you do??? I keep watching those sundaes pass by me but I've never tried one. What the heck?

Paulita said...

Delana, That was a while ago. I'm currently counting calories and hating it.

Linda said...

Did you ever have a poire belle helene? Faboulous with pears, vanilla icecream and hot fudge sauce. Yum

Sim Carter said...

Hmmm - maybe you need to write a companion guide to Summer of France featuring places to go and EAT!
Tres bien!

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