Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bringing Provence Home

Some of you may recall last fall when blogger friend Delana at du Jour  and her partner Libby Wilkie at An Eye for Detail began their business Provence Rugs -- imported sunshine from the South of France is her tag line.
And I was lucky enough to win one of their fabulous rugs, which the cat then promptly claimed.

This is a photo from Provence Rugs, not mine, which the cat has staked out as his
 own, lying in front of the full glass screen door to have his own Provence dreams.
This year, Provence Rugs has added placemats and napkins in the most...well, how can I describe it, but the most south of France mode. The colors, the patterns, they all say Provence, sunshine, lavender, olive trees, sunflowers, the buzz of cicadas.
Here's one of Provence Rugs' photos to illustrate:
I think I might have to become one of those mix and match kind of people so that I can use all of these.
Delana is also making the sacrifice to visit the French flea markets, known as the brocante, to find vintage hand towels and linens which Provence Rugs is selling. 
I suppose that filling our homes with linens and rugs from Provence is the next best thing to living there. 
Although Delana lives in Aix en Provence, Libby handles things on this of the ocean so the linens are shipped from within the U.S. and  they'll be to your home in a jiffy. Probably in time for Thanksgiving if you order fast. Here's the website again:
Provence Rugs.


Delana@dujour said...

Thank you so much, Paulita. You're right, guilt is a terrible thing to waste! I'm coming back to the states in a week for the holidays so the bags are being packed with new goodies. And winter boots! Ugh…from Provence to Minnesota in late November. What am I thinking??? Bisous

Virginia said...

I think cats have an innate sense of style, that's why he/she chose your beautiful rug!

Libby said...

You do all realize Delana has a partner in this business, right? Head on over to see the story:

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