Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dreaming of France -- Ile aux Cygnes with Friends

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Before we went to France last spring, I saw an article about Ile aux Cygnes, which means Isle of the Swans. It's a mandmade island in the middle of the Seine. Apparently, it was created so people could watch the boat races in the Seine.
It's very long and narrow with some lovely views of the city.

We met our French friends who put off their trip to Poland for a day so we could rendez-vous in Paris. They had never walked along Ile aux Cygnes before either.

The Eiffel Tower is visible from so many points in the city. 

The island is lined with trees, and in March they had only a slight green fuzz, but I'm sure it's a wonderful leafy walk in the summer. Our friend Michel led the way with his map. 

My friend Danuta and I posed at the end of the island for a picture. Danuta and I have been friends since 1985 when I traveled to France as an au pair for two American girls. Her own daughters were around the same sage and we spent the summer exploring the countryside around the family house. Her husband Michel and my charges' father were cousins. 
Every time we visit France, we see Danuta and Michel, either at their home in Nantes or in Paris.

 I can't wait until we can host them in our home in France. 


Esme said...

I am going to need to check this out.

Paulita said...

Truly, Esme, it was a little boring. But maybe if you want a walk on a beautiful day.

Esme said...

ok thank you for that heads up.

Melinda Ott said...

Sorry it was a little dull....I may check it out if I go to Paris again as I love walking, though.

Paulita said...

Of course, it was pretty and walking in Paris is never time wasted.

Carol said...

Gorgeous photos. I would love to go to Paris one day.

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