Wednesday, January 06, 2016

12 Days of Appreciation -- Day 12

I accidentally skipped yesterday, which would have been Day 12, but it isn't because I don't appreciate my husband. I started teaching again yesterday and the day got away from me.
Another thing, a 12th thing that I love about my husband is that he always finds me beautiful.
I was 25 when we met, 27 when we married. I weighed 118 pounds.

Times have changed.
No matter how much weight I gain or lose, my husband tells me that I'm beautiful. No matter how short or long my hair gets, straight or curly, glasses or contacts, he still tells me that I'm beautiful.
And whether I believe him or not, it's nice to hear it after 25 years of marriage.

Here we are at the entry to Le Riad, a Moroccan restaurant in Aix en Provence


Just Me said...

You are beautiful in many ways. I love that you had enough material to post gratitude for Earl twelve times straight. Cheers to you both.

Paulita said...

Ha! He laughed when he read that comment. And, of course, I have many more ways I could point out that I appreciate him. For instance, we just returned from a walk to Starbucks, and he walked in front of me to block the wind.

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