Friday, May 18, 2012


The other morning we had fog. When I stepped out onto the porch to get the newspaper, I felt like I was in Jurassic Park. The air was all thick and prehistoric. Plus everything is so green from our front porch.
The hollyhocks are growing tall with hand-sized green leaves stretching over the edge of the porch. A couple of lavender bushes peek over the front of the porch. The ivy rolls down the front hill toward the rock walled garden that edges the sidewalk. And when I looked down at the garden, I was pleased that even though most of the irises have finished blooming, I could still see color. Columbine in purple and yellow dripping down. A green shoot stretched toward the sky with tiny white bell flowers dripping down from it.
And then I saw a color that I didn't expect to see it. It was another garden surprise, like the one last year where I had planted gladiolus bulbs the autumn before then forgot about them. So when the gladiolus bloomed, they thrilled me. They sprang up in such a variety of colors.
I ventured down to the garden, knowing it was too early for the gladiolus to make their appearance, and there I saw a delicately cupped poppy in the most gorgeous pinky-peach color, and other green bulbs on the stem were ready to burst into color too. I was thrilled.
Look at the purple inside. The picture doesn't do it justice, so you'll have to take my word. And I had just been wondering why I didn't have any poppies in my garden. They add so much color. I guess I planted these last year. Good thing my memory is going, so the garden can keep surprising me.


judi said...

love those poppies! come on over and plant some in my garden.

Linda said...

I love walking out and finding fog-probably because I was raised in the Southwest and never saw it. I love poppies too.

edgar said...

Garden, well tended, gives joyful surprises, which you experienced. You have a large garden with plenty of plants and flowers that brings daily elations.

Since we live in a condo now we only have a tiny space on the where Cheri planted birds of paradise and roses. There is a small palm tree on a barrel. 2 days ago she planted small summer flowers.

Paulita said...

Judi, I'd be happy to plant poppies in your garden, but I know you're a master gardener, so I'd be embarassed at my lack of knowledge.
Linda, The fog is nice sometimes. I don't think I'd want to live someplace that's always foggy though.
Edgar, I love birds of paradise. I tried to have those in my June wedding, but the florist in Kentucky couldn't get them.

Eugenia O'Neal said...

I love good garden surprises! Your garden looks beautiful, very lush.

I like hollyhocks and have, in a fit of madness, tried to grow them here. The seeds germinate but eventually the seedlings die. I would so love to look outside and see chocolate hollyhocks.

Paulita said...

Eugenia, I've never heard of chocolate hollyhocks. The ones I have are usually white, pale pink, brighter pink or a dark burgundy.

Christine Harding said...

Beautiful pictures. Your garden sounds lovely.


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