Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Surprises

Last week, I talked about how I'm trying to get more color in my front garden. I made that vow last summer when the tiger lilies faded and I was left only greens and browns.
So the zinnias have given me some much needed color.
I was sitting on the front porch when I looked down the hill and amongst the greenery and the red, orange, purple zinnias, I saw an unusual color: a peek of peachy rose.
"What is that?" I sat upright in my wicker chair.
"What?" Earl asked looking up from his book.
"That peach colored flower?" I asked. I was already climbing down the concrete stairs with my bare feet.
"Those are the gladiolus," Earl said.
Oh. I'd forgotten that we planted a row of gladiolus bulbs in early spring, intent on adding color. And now, here they were.

I know it shouldn't be a surprise, since I planted them. But I'd forgotten and now, here they are, a garden surprise.


judi said...

reading that made me happy.

BFF said...

It is beautiful.

Stephanie said...

I thought that was a lily at first. It's beautiful. Gladiolus are really tall, aren't they?

A peach-colored lily just recently appeared in our yard, though we didn't plant it. I'm not sure where it came from, but it was a pleasant surprise!

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