Sunday, July 24, 2011

Haunted Phone

We had our landline disconnected in March. Everyone in the family carried cell phones. It seemed like we only had solicitors calling the home phone. So I called Time Warner and had it shut off, saving a total of about $15 per month. For some reason though, I never unplugged the phone from the outlet or the modem. Every few weeks, the phone would ring -- just a spontaneous few rings. If one of us picked it up and pushed the button, it was obviously dead.
It inspired me to write a first line for some future novel.
"The phone had been disconnected for three weeks when it rang that morning..." Well, who knows how that will turn out.
Today, as I moved my laptop back to my desk and bent over to plug it into the electrical strip, I saw the phone's cord and decided to unplug it. As I wrestled to pull it from the outlet, it started ringing and ringing, over and over. I got it out but still the phone struggled, its cord wrapped round the other cords of the modem and the router. It rang more quickly as if gasping for air.
Tucker picked up the handset and pulled the batteries out. Still the jangle continued.
I pulled the cord lose and then followed the other cord to the modem. I pinched the plug and pulled it free from the modem. The phone fell silent.
Now, we don't have a landline and don't plan to again, but I hated to just get rid of the phone.
Tucker was headed to the basement. Take it to the basement and put it in the back room, I told him.
"No, Mom," he said. "It will just creep on me."
"It's not plugged in anymore," I pointed out.
He reluctantly carried the phone downstairs. A few minutes later, I had barely sat down in the office chair when I heard a call from downstairs.
As I complained to myself that a sensor must go off whenever my butt touches a chair, alerting my children that they should call for me, I walked to the top of the stairs.
"Yeah?" I called.
"The phone's ringing."
"Okay," I said. "Bring it up and I'll throw it away."
With stiff arms to keep the phone as far away as possible, he carried the phone up to me. I'll probably slip it into a give away bag and let the phone go haunt another family.
You've got to admire this phone's tenacity.
Sorry. Gotta go. The phone's ringing again.


Sheila said...

that's funny. Hmm a haunted phone. We have a haunted wall in our basement for about 10 years or so the Mario them song has been playing quietly non-stop. At first we thought a toy had been built into a wall but it has never died. It would drive me crazy if my bedroom was down there.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

LOL...that is a funny story and yes, a great opening for a mystery novel.

Linda said...

Very strange. My daughter had a toy that kept talking. We were on a trip and I had to put it in the trunk of the car so I couldn't hear it-but I still kept hearing it. I finally stopped at the side of a road and threw it into a field. I don't think it was haunted, just very annoying.

Delana said...

I propose that you write a paragraph...or a page... a week, continuing with that first sentence! I love it!
I had a haunted light switch once and I liked to think it was a ghost.

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