Tuesday, June 02, 2020

France Reopening

First, let me say that it seems strange to write about normal life when my home country is in such pain. My heart is there. It is time for us to protect everyone and to make the words in our Constitution true - equality for everyone. 

Today, June 2, France took its next step and allowed restaurants and bars to reopen with social distancing and up to 10 people at a table. We have to wear masks walking in and walking out but can take them off at the table. 
We weren’t certain which restaurants would be opening on the first day. We did hear that the Fleuve was making renovations before opening on the 9th, and like an American, I wondered why they didn’t make renovations during the past three months when everything was closed. 
And the Colibri only opens from Wednesday through Saturday, so they weren’t about to open on a Tuesday. 

I took a walk this morning and as I crossed the old bridge, I saw the owner of the Palace putting out chairs and tables. I asked if they were open today and he said, yes, but not until 8. It was 7:57! 
I continued on through town and past the Promenade PMU. People were already filtering in for their morning coffee. A gendarme stopped to chat with the butcher before heading to the PMU where he was greeted by the regulars who hadn’t been there for two and a half months.  Everyone was jovial. 
The sun shown brightly as if blessing the reopening. 

After a shower, I wandered over to the Palace, choosing a table with a view of the old bridge. 

As I waited for Jules and Tina to join me, I snapped a selfie. 

Soon, the owner Michel came out wearing a mask to take my order, but decided he would wait until my friends joined me. 
That’s ok, I didn’t mind sitting in the sun and enjoying the first day back in a cafe. 


Marg said...

I am so looking forward to the simple pleasure of sitting outside at a cafe and having a coffee.

Jeanie said...

I've watched hours of news and it breaks my heart. This is the beautiful and happy break that I need. Thank you!

Paulita said...

Marg, I know. It is so enticing when you can't do it!
Jeanie, We all need an escape. We need to face reality, but not soak in it too much. Sanity is important.

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