Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hotel Room Musings

We've spent a lovely few days in Nice.
The port
I walked and ran more than 23,000 steps yesterday exploring the city,
I love the colors here

It reminds me a lot of St. Pete, Florida, now that it's so cosmopolitan. 
 and the weather was warm, but not as warm as it was inland, apparently.
The children relished playing in the mirror fountain in Nice
We used our credit card points to pay for this hotel room and it got me thinking.
Hotel rooms are different all over the world and even within yards of each other, but their little idiosyncrasies sometimes baffle me.
Since we're in Nice celebrating our 30th anniversary, I couldn't help but think that most marriages would not survive a bathroom door like this one.
Hard to get a good shot of it. 
It's not a shower door. That's the door to the bathroom from the hotel room. No latch, no lock, no seal.
You can see the black area where the door doesn't touch the frame. 
Yep, I'm glad we only had a celebration here and not a complete 30-year marriage with a door like this.
We're off on more adventures today. Thanks for reading.  


Noreen said...

And it is so "you" to point out that bathroom door . . .
Happy anniversary!

Marg said...

Happy anniversary!

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