Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Cover Reveal

In just two days, my new novel Falling for Provence will be released.

Don't you love this cover? Grandview Heights artist Janna Thompson-Chordas created it for me, along with redoing the cover for The Summer of France.
Falling for Provence is the second book in A New Life in Provence series, coming after The Summer of France. 
You can read this book without reading The Summer of France, but I have made The Summer of France free on Barnes & Noble's Nook platform and on Kobo

Thanks to everyone for your support. You can bet that I'll be reminding you on Friday in hopes you'll buy the ebook on Amazon.


John and Lynn Phillips said...

Cover looks familiar...location? It's been awhile since I read Summer in France...but I needn't reread before starting new?

Just Me said...

Yes, I love them .

Jeanie said...

Well done, Paulita! It's a beautiful cover.

Kiwi said...

Very appealing covers. How exciting to have a new novel coming out!

Paulita said...

John and Lynn, No, Falling for Provence is a stand-alone so feel free to dive in. The artist found the cover art so I can't claim any credit for it. I did suggest that the top of the stairs might not be the best place for a novel titled "Falling..." but she prevailed.
Just Me, Thanks.
Jeanie, Always love to hear from you.
Kiwi, Living your own dream. Thanks for reading.

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