Thursday, June 18, 2020

Chateau de Queribus

Another day, another castle.

Just kidding! I can never get tired of the amazing historical sights to see in France.
As we were driving back home through a small village, I had one of those moments where I was reminded of a different small village and good times we had spent there. I just thrill to the idea that this is where I live now.
Will it grow old or be outweighed by the amount I miss my sons and parents back home? It is harder with travel limited and knowing that I can't see my family if I want to.
Today's adventure took us to a former Cathar castle down near Perpignan. You can find a link to the website in English here.
Here's the castle atop the mountain as we drove toward it. 
But the first time it's mentioned in history is 1020. It was the last stronghold of the Cathars in 1255 before King Louis IX, St. Louis, took it over and made it a fortress for France along the border of Spain.
Looking for a room with a view?
Well, I can vouch that the view into Spain is fabulous. You can see the Pyrenees, down to the Mediterranean from here. But the wind climbing up to the mountain would have been enough to turn me around. Perhaps the soldiers were made of sterner stuff. (Obviously!) The views were amazing.
Selfie with the view behind us. 
It's nice to be out and about, showing Grace and Jack some of the sights in our part of France.
Plenty of air inside the castle. 

Goofy selfie -- just us standing out as Americans

Something divine inside the cathedral
 Although Grace had visited France several times before, she hadn't been to this part of southern France. And Jack's arrival is his first time on mainland Europe.

The soaring vaulted ceiling of the chapel
People are sometimes surprised to hear us speaking our accented French. They expect to only see French people in France because of the confinement, like the woman who sold us the tickets to the chateau on Wednesday.
She asked our nationality and I told her American, but that we lived in Quillan.
Wind-blown but enjoying the sunny day

We could see for miles and miles and miles and... 

We followed the chateau visit with a picnic in Cucugnan in the shadow of an old moulin, with a stop at the bakery underneath the windmill for some cookies for dessert.
More adventures to come!


sillygirl said...

I also love that you are there - and blogging about it to give us "views" into living in France.

Kiwi said...

Wow. Just wow. A historic castle, fine weather for viewing, and instant family memories. Thanks for showing us this treasure of France.

Paulita said...

Sillygirl, Yes, I'm trying not to get blase about it, yawn, this is our life now in France!
Kiwi, Yes, a beautiful sight everywhere we turn.

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