Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Magical Labyrinth

Within a 15-minute drive of our house weaves a path through mossy rocks and trees shrouded in greenery.  It's called the Labyrinth Vert, or Green Labyrinth.
It felt like something from the dinosaur ages
There doesn't seem a lot there that is man made, as large boulders line the paths and trees look to be upholstered in green fabric.
The path through was clear, though. 
We lost track of the magical sights.
This tree had several trunks weaving together. 
We walked through the labyrinth then back, rather than making the loop after someone had told us the rest of the walk wasn't that interesting. It was just about 2 1/2 miles but we spent nearly an hour and a half meandering through the rocks and trees, stopping for photos and stories shared.
Why can I never look the right place for a selfie? Anyway, here's our group
Jim offering wisdom from his perch
The walk from the car to the beginning of the labyrinth took us past these historical sights, including an old windmill that was used as a lookout by the Germans during World War II, along with another now decrepit building that the Germans used.
Apparently, this was a good place to watch for anyone sneaking in or out of the pass below.

As you can see, another clear day in this part of France.
The walk amongst the trees wasn't too warm and other than occasionally clambering up and down some rocks, the hike wasn't too challenging.
We ended the hike with a home picnic at our friends' house.
I don't think we'll ever be able to see all of the interesting sights near our new home in France. I wonder if that's true no matter where you live if you just take the time to go exploring.


Kiwi said...

Very cool place to explore!

sillygirl said...

I think it is very true that people don't explore right around where they live. The other day on my walk I talked to one neighborhood woman that has lived there for at least 10 years - she didn't even know about the park 3 blocks away.

Just Me said...

Beautiful ! Thanks fo sharing.

Marg said...

I agree that people don't often explore near their own home.

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