Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dreaming of France -- Hiking

Thank you for joining this weekly meme. Grab a copy of the photo above and link back to An Accidental Blog. Share with the rest of us your passion for France. Did you read a good book set in France? See a movie? Take a photo in France? Have an adventure? Eat a fabulous meal or even just a pastry? Or if you're in France now, go ahead and lord it over the rest of us. We can take it.

My husband and I went hiking this weekend, and it reminded me of the last time we hiked -- in France.
While staying in Aix en Provence, we drove out to Mont Ste. Victoire. From far away, it looks like a massive, imposing rock.
Up close, it looks even more intimidating. 

The climb was really difficult, yet we were passed by people 
who were trail running from rock to rock up and down the mountain.  

This lake reflecting the mountain felt peaceful and cool as we began the ascent. 

I've been on a  number of mountains, but the top of this one 
seemed to get farther and farther away as we climbed. 

Here's a shot of my husband hiking up the mountain ahead of me. The trail became much more treacherous as we scrambled up rocks. 

We never reached the top, but that's my fault. I wimped out. 
 Nice view though. Definitely worth the hike. I'll try again another time.
Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. I really appreciate your participation and I hope you'll leave a comment plus visit each other's blogs.


Jenny Lovett said...

Hi love the photo of the tower, I took a very similar one last week :) We are currently living in France and have been for the last few years, renovating our house, well we are actually on our second house, the first we converted into a B&B and then sold it, this one we just plan to enjoy. The blog has a diary of the renovations and a section on our travels around Europe

Anonymous said...

That mountain looks imposing! In our area, there are a number of Cathar chateaux perched atop the peaks, with amazing views and cool ruins as the prize for the climb.
I tried doing your link, but I don't think it worked.

Roz . Russell said...

Oh my Paulita, you guys are so brave I would never be fit enough for that but I am a pensioner :) can't wait for the next blog

Kiwi said...

Always happy to join up with other Francophiles, and I'm looking forward to finding and reading your novels. My husband and I plan to move to France next year, and we are renovating a small village house in Normandy. My blog on the renovation is at Please take a look!

I also could not make the link work, but I'm not very tech savvy.

Anonymous said...

Always fun to join forces with other people who have a love of this country, some live here, some don't but we all share one thing in common, the pleasure France gives us. We are fortunate in that we live here and I write about our fabulous life in the Charente Maritime over on my blog. Great link up.

Paulita said...

What fun to have new people joining in with Dreaming of France. I'm excited since a few of you are buying or renovating houses in France. You all can be my guinea pigs. I can watch and learn.
Thanks so much for playing along with Dreaming of France.

Jenny Lovett said...

Hi Paulita, have you joined the living and renovating in France facebook group?

Paulita said...

Jenny, I didn't know about it. I'll look it up now.

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