Sunday, August 02, 2015

Dreaming of France -- Prepping for A France Move

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Today, the sky is the clearest blue, like an imagined dream that filled the sky.
As Earl and I rode our bikes to the coffee shop, I looked up and saw the white silhouette of an airplane stark against the sky.
We both thought the same thing: We should be on that plane on our way to France.
Maybe soon.
The newspaper will be laying off people in the next 60 days. We hope Earl isn't on that list, but if he is, we'll move in December since I have a full load of classes this fall.
If he keeps his job, we'll wait until next August when Spencer finishes college and is hopefully employed.
We'll feel so much better if our children have jobs and apartments.
One thing that we have accomplished, in addition to cleaning up my desk, is to make sure all of the kids have reliable cars.
Our family of five has survived with two cars. As each child got their driver's license, we resisted buying an extra car. And it worked out as Grace headed off to college in Upstate New York, and then Spencer went to school in Florida. The kid left at home got to drive the second car, and most of the time Earl takes the bus to work.
When I have morning classes, I drop Earl at work since we both go downtown Columbus. Many times I suggest that Earl should take the car to work, but he doesn't want to pay for parking.
As Tucker moved home, and Grace moved back in after college, we knew the time had come to increase the number of cars. Both Grace and Tucker needed cars to get to work.
Luckily, Grace bought her own car. We talked about used cars; we considered a lease, but Grace dived right into buying a new car. An adorable Fiat.

Spencer spent the summer at college in Athens, Ohio. We let him take our second car, a Volkswagen Passat. He has been searching for a job and being a delivery person might be in the cards for him once the college students head back to school this month.

For Tucker, we started off buying a Chevrolet Suburban that he could use for his landscaping business. Then a few days later, he quit landscaping and got a job delivering sandwiches for Jimmy Johns. That behemoth vehicle was definitely the wrong car for delivering.
So  we dug deep and bought a 2002 Subaru Outback. The gas mileage is much better and he can get into tight spaces quickly.
We didn't notice until they were purchased that all three of our children have green cars. 

We can check buying cars off our list of things to do now. All of the kids have cars. Earl and I are sharing a car, and we won't worry about getting any more until we move to France.
Grace moves into an apartment at the end of the month and just this morning we sat in the dining room peering into the living room and deciding who would get which pieces of furniture when we left for France.
Of course, Grace was the only child there, so she claimed most of the items. It's strange to think of moving and leaving most of our possessions behind.
For those of you who have moved to another country, a country across the sea, what do you think I need to bring with me?
I think it's different going from the U.K. to France because you can load your car and go through the Chunnel.
Other than clothes and pictures and some books, what must I be certain to take along?
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Sim Carter said...

Sounds like an exciting and nerve-wracking time for you and your family! Your move is becoming more and more real; I wonder how you're going to bear being so far from the kids. I know you and Grace are especially close. On the other hand, what great place for them to come and visit!

Just Me said...

Wow - what news. Going either way. Wonderful and exciting. Can't wait to hear how one moves to another country across the ocean.

A dependable car is priceless.

Paulita said...

It's funny how different traveling abroad is now. Grace and I text or FaceTime every day when she was abroad. It'll definitely be tough.

Paulita said...

Yep, definitely getting real. Measuring cups. That's one thing I'll have to take.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Wow this plan is really starting to get real! What fun to follow along with all the practical things one must think of. Measuring cups are definitely a must!

grammajudyb said...

I have no idea what to suggest about taking with you. The thought of moving even across the state or country give me chills.. I don't want to get rid of anything! Hoarder.....maybe???:)

But that being said, I am a tiny bit jealous. So adventurous, so brave!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Such a big, brave move - best of luck. Do you have any relatives there?

I set my 2 children up in their own places after they were through with school and had jobs and cars and then sold the house and moved to another state --2 hour drive--. It worked out great (and they never came home and still like me 19 years later...LOL) --- . You are way more adventurous:)

Linda said...

I left almost everything in storage until I definitely needed it which was about three years later. You could start out renting furnished and see what you need from there. It will, of course, be very expensive to move things overseas. I would make sure you really want to live there before you move many things. Finally being in another country can be very different from visiting. I'm sort of stuck, being married to a Frenchman, but you two might want to come back. You never know.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Paulita , I have no idea what you really need to take. Just sounds all so exciting . I cannot wait for you to move as I will certainly would love to meet you. Keep me posted :-)

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