Sunday, August 16, 2015

Florida Sunrise

I'm on a short visit to my parents' house in Florida, and one of my favorite things is my first run. The scenery is so strikingly different from the my usual runs in Ohio.
When I woke up, late for me, at 6:41 a.m., I was surprised that the sun wasn't up yet. But I had to remind myself that during the summer, the sun is positioned in the north. I had time to get up and get dressed for a run as the sun rose.
I could hear the Sandhill Cranes calling out a warning and I looked around nervously for the big loud birds that travel in packs, but I didn't see any.
It's the time of  year in Florida when thunderstorms strike every day, usually in the afternoon, but the way the clouds were building up this morning, I wouldn't have been surprised to see a thunder storm brewing in the morning.

As I ran on around the lake, I saw that some fishermen had gotten a jump on me that morning as they were already casting while the sun rose behind the clouds.

I followed my run with a dip in the pool, which is again, something that I don't get at home.

Lovely to spend time with my parents and to soak in the beautiful scenery.


Sim Carter said...

I was looking for your Dreaming of France post but found these glorious pictures instead. Did you seriously say 6:41 is late for you? Now I know the secret to your success; you never sleep! You're such an inspiration to me, maybe I'll try to reset my body clock and get a little more done in the daylight hours. Enjoy your visits with your parents!

Paulita said...

Sim, it's a blessing and a curse. I'm sometimes ready for a nap by noon.

Unknown said...

Suddenly your FB post makes so much sense! Imwas wondering where in Ohio you saw a bird like that. Hope you're enjoying the trip.

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