Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dreaming of France -- On the Water

Please join this weekly meme. Grab a copy of the photo above and link back to An Accidental Blog. Share with the rest of us your passion for France. Did you read a good book set in France? See a movie? Take a photo in France? Have an adventure? Eat a fabulous meal or even just a pastry? Or if you're in France now, go ahead and lord it over the rest of us. We can take it.

As the summer wanes here, I figure the same thing must be happening in the South of France. The cicadas are buzzing and people are squeezing every bit of sun out of the days of August.
When Earl and I visited the South of France in March, people had already taken to the water to enjoy life on the Mediterranean.

We visited the Calanques, like fjords except located in the South of France rather than in Norway, and they aren't icy. The calanques are located between Cassis and Marseille.  

As we hiked along the stone formations, we came up on a marina protected by high, rocky walls. 

And we saw a young woman getting an early start on her tan. Earl took this picture so it would artfully hide the parts that many in the South of France have no problem exposing. 
Hope everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere enjoys a warm and peaceful end to their summer. 

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Louise said...

What a beautiful area. I really must get to the South of France one day. Your husband did well with his modest photography.

Sim Carter said...

One of these days I'll have to figure out a way to get back there for real, not just in my memories!


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