Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy Endings

Yesterday I shared the intro to The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain, and I hinted that the ending would be dismal because it is written by a Frenchman.
That is what I've come to expect with French books and movies. They don't count on a happy ending.
My family jokes that a movie may be considered a French comedy if only a few people die.
So imagine my surprise when I finished the book and found an untypical ending for a French book. Quite optimistic, actually.
The author photo from Amazon
And that surprised me.
So I can happily recommend that you read The Red Notebook. The writing, even though translated into English, is quite beautiful. The plot is simple but compelling.
Even more surprising, I received an email from the author today.  Antoine Laurain had seen my post:
Sometimes i dropped an eye on the web. I've seen your post about my novel the red notebook. Thank's a lot... I'm not like usual french writer, it's a good ending story ;)
So that's two pleasant revelations that I received yesterday.


Terra said...

I love that the author sent you an email note. I will look for this book.

Just Me said...


Linda said...

How nice to hear from the author. I have trouble with French movies which always seem to just stop instead of giving you an ending, if you know what I mean.


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