Thursday, August 22, 2013

New College, New Fears

My week has only gotten busier with the start of a new semester and the end of another one. But I wanted to post briefly about Grace's departure to a new college.
Grace has a hard time with change. She always has. And it doesn't matter that she can take along her favorite things, she still hates it at the beginning. So we just have to persevere until she gets to a comfortable place.
The good news is, her new college is only about 20 minutes away. Her old college, if you'll recall, was 10 hours away. To mean, 20 minutes seems much less dire, but for a girl who hates change, she feels the despair that she will never sleep in her own bed again.
We moved her in Wednesday morning with stops for coffee and for her paycheck and at the bank to deposit her paycheck. Earl drove a little pickup truck with Grace's belongings -- small refrigerator, bicycle, bins with clothes --and met us at the dorm.
In her dorm room, third floor, the bed was lofted so the desk and dresser could fit underneath. Grace wanted the bed lowered so Earl wrestled with that. We were all sweating in the tiny heat box of a room.
And then, as sheets were put on the bed and clothes folded into drawers, I had to leave because a new semester of classes began Wednesday, and I had to teach at 12:30. So I gave Grace a hug and kiss then I left to get to class.
I feel so fortunate that she is close enough that I could help drop her off before I had to scoot away.
And, this is very strange, I didn't get any pictures of Grace's room or Grace. I also didn't get any pictures of the three kids together during our family night.
I asked Grace to send a photo and she sent this picture or her room. We forgot to take her posters, obviously.
I replied that I wanted a picture of her, so here's her self portrait.

I guess the jury is still out on this new college. 


Just Me said...

Ha ! You had to know I would be waiting to hear the news regarding the delivery of your precious cargo to her new school.

Love the picture Grace !


Jeanie said...

Looks like the self portrait I would have taken! I love it! Hope all goes well for all the school folk!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh bless her ,, could she not of lived at home , if it is only 20 minutes away ,, I hope she settles in well ,, :-)

Paulita said...

Anne, She could have lived at home, but we thought she'd make more connections if she lived at college. She should be fine after the first week. Fingers crossed.

Linda said...

I hope she loves the new place and finds many new friends, adventures and a major she is crazy about.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Paulita, Yes I should of thought of that myself .. and she can still pop home if need be :-))

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