Sunday, August 04, 2013

Gray versus Black

At Christmastime, I came up with a brilliant idea.
I always buy underwear and put it in the kids' Christmas stockings so they have plenty to last throughout the year. As I was shopping, I decided that I could solve a laundry dilemma -- figuring out which pairs of underwear belonged to Spencer and which to Tucker.
Both teenagers, they wear the same size and same style. They like the knit boxer briefs. So I decided to buy all black briefs for one son and all gray briefs for the other son.
I remember as they looked at their Christmas stockings that I pointed out they had been assigned a specific color.
Black for Spencer and gray for Tucker.
Or maybe it was gray for Spencer and black for Tucker.
You see, that's the problem now as I do the laundry. I know that each boy has a specific color, but I have no idea which boy gets which color.
Here I am in August still puzzling over this quandry. So much for my brilliant idea.
Maybe I'll ask the cat if he remembers. He seems to
 have explored the Christmas packages pretty well. 


Sharon Galligar Chance said...

I have four boys - and when they were little, I assigned the colors - blue, red, green, and purple. I still buy them little things for Christmas and still use their colors! :) They get a kick out of it!

Paulita said...

Sharon, You must remember which color each boy got.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

LOL --- good plan mom:) My husband and both bought these black spot socks: same brand except mens and women size differences. I got so tired of him complaining his socks were "too small" -- umm cuz there were mine, that I threw all of min out and bought neon colors:)

Just Me said...

That is hilarious. I am the exact same way when presented with the difference between two of anything. Diane B. and Diane W. or Stelzer Road and Schrock Road. Matthew Broderick or Robert Downing Jr. Ha ! You get the idea.

Jeanie said...

Good concept. Fold 'em up, leave them out and let them pick up their own!

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