Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Book for Francophiles -- Like Me

I really enjoyed the book The French for Love by Fiona Valpy. I read it all in one day rather than grading papers or preparing for classes or doing laundry for my son who goes back to college next week.
 Gina, the main character, lives in the UK and is in her late 20s. Major life changes in the past year spin her into a whirlwind. Her father died, her favorite aunt who lived in France died, her live-in boyfriend left her for another woman, and she lost her job as a wine purchaser for a small wine shop.
When her aunt leaves the French house to Gina, she decides to move to France. Well, the word "love" is in the title, so you can guess that there is a hunky Frenchman involved. But the book goes deeper than that too as she learns a secret about her aunt and has to choose between love and career.
Since the main character knows a lot about wine, I found myself longing for a glass of wine throughout the book. I wanted to join in.
I like that the main character is strong, and parts of the book remind me of a Victorian novel in that many of the confusions come from simply not talking about the problem.  
I'd probably give this book a 4.5 out of 5.


Vagabonde said...

You give a pretty good rating on that book – I’ll have to check to see if my Library has it (I’m trying not to buy more books as we have too many around our house) a fun story and talks about wine sound good.

Linda said...

I'm not really into romances but info about wine is a different story. I'll have a look at it on Amazon.

aguja said...

Sounds good to me! Will look it up.
Mainly, I wanted to say that I have just read your book and enjoyed it. A mixture of humour and pathos, fast moving and a great summer read as one can pretend to be there!


But, I couldn't find where to comment or rate it on the kindle on my tablet ... but will look again.

Paulita said...

Aguja, Thanks so much. Always happy for positive feedback.

Just Me said...

You've sold me on it.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Absolutely one for me :-) thank you Paulita.

Mystica said...

I like this!


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