Sunday, June 03, 2012

Daughter Love

I'm so lucky to have a fabulous daughter and to have her home for the summer. Now, before you turn away in disgust at the sugary sweetness of that statement, let me say that, of course, there are times we don't get along, but I can count on her to be there when I need her.
That's why I dragged her along to two grad parties last night since Earl was at work.
At the party, we ran into one of her friends who doesn't get along with her mother. The mother was there too. In spite of feeling a little awkward, we split up so I could talk with the mom and she could chat with her friend.
I realized my reliance on Grace when I poured a glass of wine and it seeped out a hole in the cup.
It took me a minute to realize that the cup was leaking. Red wine was on the tablecloth and on the paving stones beneath the table, when I looked down and saw a spout of red wine arcing from near the bottom of the cup. I put my finger over the hole and the wine stopped escaping.
"Oh no," I cried. "My cup has a hole in it."
I problem solved for a minute. I could simply put another cup over it or pour the quickly disappearing wine into another cup. But first, I had to show Grace.
"Grace!" I called across the patio, interrupting her conversation with the graduate's dad, "My cup has a hole in it!" and I took my finger away to show her the red arc of wine pouring from my cup. We both laughed and I found another cup.
Everything funny and meaningful in my life, I want to share with Grace.
I hope our relationship stays this way.

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Sheila said...

OK I really can't read these posts they make me cry.

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