Sunday, March 04, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks to Suzie Tullett, a fellow writer on our Yahoo Writer's Group who gave my blog the Versatile Blogger Award.

The requirement of the Versatile Blogger Award is that I must reveal seven random facts about myself. Since I've been fairly forthcoming on my blog, I feel like it's going to be a real stretch to come up with seven things I haven't already told my readers. Maybe not many people have read my old posts.

1. My nose is not my original nose. It was broken by a Frisbee flung by a friend in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I had to have surgery to straighten it. While the doctor was straightening it, he took out the Kincer bump in the middle of it.

2. I went to school with Neil Armstrong's son Mark. His mother always made sure we were in the same class because she thought the competition was good for him. I always tried to earn the best grades in class.

3. I never learned how to dive. To this day, as I sit through my kids' swim meets, I don't know how to dive.

4. I used to sing solos at church and take voice lessons.

5. I tried out for a musical in high school only one time. When I didn't get a part, I never tried out again.

6. We lived in four different houses the first year my daughter was born, moving from Florida to Michigan.

7. Once my kids are finished with college, my husband and I plan to move to France to live.


Suzie Tullett said...

Your random facts are far more interesting than mine, Paulita, lol... And hopefully I'll see you in France some day, as that's where I've always dreamed of living, too!

Looking forward to reading the blogs you decide to honour with The Versatile Blogger award...

Suzie x

BFF said...

Some of those facts were news, even to me. Love you

Linda said...

I didn't know that you planned to move to France in the future. Grandkids may change that.

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