Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Key to Happiness

The most exciting email ever arrived last night. It said:
"You've won: Spontaneous Happiness."
Really? I won that? So whenever I want, I can tap into spontaneous happiness? It's mine. I won it.
Turns out, I won a book from Vicki's blog. The book is called Spontaneous Happiness and it's by Andrew Weil. So that's still exciting, although not as exciting as winning happiness.
According to Amazon, the book explains that happiness comes from within, so I guess I'll never be able to win it. But the book does lay out a plan for "attaining and sustaining optimum emotional health."
I'll let you know if this book hands me the key to Spontaneous Happiness.
Then again, I may be too happy to write my blog any more.
Here are some things that make me happy:
Traveling with my husband

My family

Coffee with friends

Running with friends

And cats stuck on screen doors

What makes you happy?


bFF said...


Just Me said...

His picture is really familiar... I didn't recognize is name. Looks like he has a series of books including "Spontaneous Healing".

Your blog provides spontaneous happiness for me ... or would that be instantaneous happiness?

Paulita said...

Dear BFF, Thank you. I thought you'd say home improvement projects with your husband make you happy.
Dear Just Me, I am so impressed that you can add links to the comments.

Stephanie said...

I'm smiling right now just looking at these pictures, especially the one of your family. Thank you!

I find myself "spontaneously happy" quite often, and feel very fortunate that it is so very easy for me to feel that way. The happiness I feel usually occurs in very small moments ( a bird flitting around the birdfeeder for instance) but the feelings that those moments generate in me are wonderful.

judi said...

your sense of humor makes me laugh, which makes me happy. staying in touch with you makes me happy.

and ice cream.
ice cream also makes me happy.

Paulita said...

Oh, plus comments on my blog make me happy. Thanks, Judi and Stephanie, plus BFF and Just Me. It makes me feel like I'm not so all alone.
Hello? Hello? Anyone?

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