Thursday, December 08, 2011

Domino Effect

You know how one thing leads to another.
Nothing is ever simple. I'm learning that lesson all over again tonight.
Grace will be home tomorrow. (Yay!)
That means, I have to clean out her bedroom, a room that her younger brother claimed before her flight left Columbus.
In order to clean out her room, I have to move Tucker. He doesn't want to share a room with Spencer so he'll get the basement rec room futon. He has a dresser there, but no place to hang his hoodies and the button-up shirts he has started wearing.
So before I can move him, I have to figure out where to hang up his clothes.
Then it hit me. I have a coat tree in my room that holds purses, scarves, belts and my robe. I can clean that off and move it downstairs for Tucker's things.
I looked in my closet to figure out where to hang the robe and the scarves. Then I needed to clean the warm weather clothes out of my closet in order to make room for the things hanging on the coat tree, in order to move Tucker's things to the rec room, in order to begin cleaning Grace's room for her 40-day stay at home before she moves off to college and I'll reverse that order.
I have no hopes that her room will be as clean as it was here in June 2009 when I spent three days straightening it, but I know it will be a bit more organized than Grace left it when she went to France and Tucker is leaving it as he moves to the basement bedroom. I'm going to start in there by picking up the dirty socks and the wadded up tissues. Who knows if there's still a nice wood floor under all those discarded bath towels.


Mystica said...

It never ever changes does it!

BFF said...

Cleaning a room recently inhabited by a teenage boy is not for he faint of heart. Hannah comes home tomorrow for the weekend and I must do the same for her room. So glad grace is being repatriated. You must be so happy

Linda said...

I hate making room for this season's clothes. It makes me realize that I have too many and need to pare down. I'm glad that Grace will soon be home.

aguja said...

Great that Grace will soon be home .... and it will all have been worthwhile.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Hi Paulita, it seems I am always playing catch up with other peoples blogs.... I am so happy for you that Grace will be home soon.... I was sorry that she had trouble with the French teenagers.... But I hope she will have lots of happy memories to share as well.... travel is usually a life changing experience.... both the good & the bad.

Welcome home to Grace. I know you will all be so happy to have her back!!!

Stephanie said...

I think that you should add an addition to your house to avoid all the shuffling and rearranging. How about adding a 2nd floor master suite? Ooh - and a 2nd floor porch off of the master suite! Imagine the view!

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