Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blow-Up Fun

Okay, enough sadness on my blog.
It's time to celebrate American ridiculousness.
There's a pretty European-style house down the street from me. I don't like the owner because he puts up ridiculous signs warning dogs not to poop in his yard, which I think is tacky.
He's taking tacky an extra step this year.
Here's how his yard looks during the daytime. Deflated:

Then in the evening, when Grace and I walked past on our way to Caribou, we got a picture of the house with the inflatables in full regalia.

The overkill makes me laugh. I'm not overly fond of blow-up yard art anyway, but seeing it deflated during the day makes it look like everything has melted into a big puddle.
Grace decided she liked one of the penguins. This little one with earmuffs, that didn't deflate during the day but stood vigil over her collapsed friends.

How are your neighbors decorating for Christmas?


Lucia said...

I will have to show you! It's so pretty but there not my neighbours it's on my way home from work. Maybe I should have a blog that is titled "On my way home from work!" or in January "LAID OFF FROM WORK"...I hope not but it's not looking good.

Paulita said...

Oh, no. I hope you don't get laid off. But you'd have all day to drive around, sip Tim Horton's coffee and take pictures.

aguja said...

Ho! Ho! And ho again. Well, there are only a few lights here, so no overkill. It's a bit sad to collapse and reinflate, sort of takes the spirit out of Christmas.

Stephanie said...

Most of our neighbors are decorating fairly sensibly - not too many inflatables - though there is one reindeer inflatable that makes me laugh because it looks like a chihuahua. I particularly appreciate the homes that keep the holiday lights on all night so I can enjoy them during my 5 a.m. runs. They are very cheery at that hour.

Linda said...

You don't see that here. I did see a funny photo of a house just covered in million of lights and all sorts of decorations in front while the house next door just had a sign that said, "Ditto". I thought it was funny.

DeniseinVA said...

This seems to be very popular this year. I have seen more around our neighborhood and have taken photos. I love the twinkling lights best but I always think that these inflatables are put there for the children. I'll keep the lights, they'll always be my favorites.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I think those blow up decorations are hideous, but I can imagine that parents with little ones win lots of brownie points for their efforts.

Kaye said...

So cool! I love them! Wouldn't want blow up stuff in my yard but I do applaud the owner's choice of blowups. ha ha

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