Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Plea from the President

I'm a supporter of President Obama. And, like a lot of people who helped elect him, I'd like him to be a little stronger in the face of people who oppose his plans of hope and change.
Tonight he went before the country to talk about jobs. But.. before he went, he sent me an email called "Before I head to the Capitol." The email included a link that I could click on to that said If you're with me let me know.
He said it was up to me to put pressure on Congress. I felt kind of bad for him. I mean, he is the president. He obviously carries a lot more weight than I do and if he can't do it, I'm not sure I'll be much help.
I agree that the government needs to help create more jobs, and I'm leaning away from supply-side economics. Businesses have had tax breaks and government bailouts, but they aren't creating jobs. Instead, it's time for some demand-side economics. That means get money in people's pockets and they'll start spending it, thus creating more demand.
I support President Obama's plan for building up the infrastructure while interest rates are low and construction workers need jobs. I think the payroll tax cut should continue for workers, but go ahead and let the businesses start paying it again. They aren't hiring anyone new. They're just sitting on that money and watching the stock market.
I want to cheer for President Obama's plan. So I clicked on the link and it took me to a website to show my support and then to a screen that offered me the chance to donate to President Obama's re-election campaign.
Good thing that my husband and I already have jobs.
Enough pleading, Mr. President, stand up and take the lead. Don't wait for me to call my representative. He's not listening to me.


Anonymous said...

I think our entire political and corporate class, Democrats and Republicans alike, aught to be exiled to some small island in the south Pacific.

Linda said...

I was so full of hope when Obama was elected but he has fallen short of what he promised. I don't know how he can do anything with that Republican Senate opposing everything he recommends. What a mess.

Paulita said...

Jacob, So unfair of you to wish our politicians on the innocent South Pacitic island.
Linda, I agree. Things are in gridlock.

Leslie said...

Well said! Not only are businesses not creating jobs, they aren't filling positions when people leave by attrition. They're just making the existing personnel take on more work. I know first hand. My company is dumping the extra work on those who are left. Yeah, I know, I'm 'lucky' I still have a job. But there is something very dysfunctional about all this.

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