Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On Their Way

As I write this, Earl and Grace are winging their way across the Atlantic Ocean.
The preparations were exhausting. I spent the past few weeks helping Grace find every possible item she might need while she stays in France.

Her wardrobe is filled with black basics. She has some kickin black boots and some adorable, comfortable black wedges.
She has a phone that works overseas, after I spent more hours on the phone with Verizon than I've spent alone with my husband in months.
We had a last favorite meal before Grace left -- brown rice pasta with goat cheese.
Grace got a haircut and gave horsie rides to her little cousin Caroline who will grow up a ton in three months. Just like Grace will.
I got some gift ideas from my blogging friends Linda and Corey, and spent yesterday searching for Polo shirts to give the French kids and coffee table books that feature the beauty of Ohio? Well, at least the United States.
I wrapped gifts in tissue paper last night while Grace, Bethany and Anna finished packing her bags.
This morning, I had to leave for work before Earl and Grace went to the airport. The hug Grace gave me bruised my ribs, and she left tear stains on my shoulder. Going away for three months is a tough step for Grace.
While I was teaching this morning, I received a call from Earl.
"Someone needs you," he said.
I spoke with a crying Grace until the plane was ready to take off.
We spoke again when they got to New York. The next time I hear from them, they will be standing on French soil and sending me a text.
"Bonjour from France."


Linda said...

Send me her phone number and when she will be in Paris and I will try and contact her. I won't be here most of Oct.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ah bless her ..I think that once Grace has settled down, she will love it.

Sweet of Linda too.. I am sure lots of blogger friends would look out for her.

Sheila said...

Once she gets settled she'll feel better. What an exciting time for her! I just wish Beth and I were going to be out there with her. :( Instead we're going to the west coast.

Lucia said...

OMG, I cried when I left Marina at home with friends when I went to Las Vegas, I be balling if she left me for 3 did you do it? I hope she has a wonderful time! I know when I spent 3 months in Sicily in my 18th year it was the best time of my life free with no worries of work, school or anything! This will be a great experience for her!

Paulita said...

Hey Everyone, Thanks for the comments and it is comforting to know that I have lots of blog friends within reach of Grace if she needs it. I know she's going to have a spectacular time.
Lucia, Funny that you said how can I let her go and that your best time ever was in Sicily. Now you're feeling both the parent side and remembering the teenage side.
I think Grace is so dramatic that my only option is to be steady and firm rather than allowing myself to feel her absence. Does that make sense?

Michelle said...

Congratulations on yet again creating an incredible experience for your children.
So looking forward to reading Grace's blog.
My advice, from when Mirae lived in France, is be steady and strong for Grace then call/skype friends (me! me! oooo pick me!!) and feel whatever you need to feel.
Love to you all as you begin another adventure in France!


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