Thursday, September 23, 2010


I saw something tonight that makes me wonder about the ingenuity of our citizens.
I was leaving the grocery store when I saw a display that included boxes of graham crackers and bags of marshmallows. It was a temptation to make smores.
Smores are those campfire treats where the camper roasts a marshmallow then smashes the melting marshmallow between two graham crackers with some Hersheys chocolate stuck inside for extra deliciousness.
That's all pretty regular stuff. What got to me were these long sticks leaning against the display that said "Smorestix."
That's right. They were selling "Smorestix."
What is a smorestix you might ask?
It's a stick to roast the marshmallow on. Now, instead of finding a stick in the woods, sharpening the end, applying the marshmallow, and holding it over the flames of a campfire, we are supposed to buy our children clean, manufactured sticks on which to roast their marshmallows.
What's next -- a campfire scented candle so we don't even have to build the fire?
An extra lumpy pad we can roll out on our beds so it feels like we're lying in the bottom of a tent. A ceiling that mimics the night sky so we don't even have to leave our bedrooms.
Smorestix -- humph!

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Stephanie said...

Chuckling to myself again.....



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