Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crazy Conversations

Sometimes I can lure my boys into hanging around with us. Football Game Day is one of those. If I buy the right snacks -- their preference is for peanut M&Ms, Funyuns and tortilla chips with cheese dip.
Ohio State was playing at noon today and the four of us watched while I baked some pigs in a blanket to satisfy Tucker's craving.
The cats are always present in the middle of our conversation. Tupi had wandered from lap to lap, moving his way closer to the cheese dip. Tybs sat in the middle of the living room rug with his four legs tucked under him.

Tybs, who will be two this fall, is a strange cat. He purrs when he is getting read to bite someone. He hasn't learned to put away his claws so he is constantly scratching people. His eyes hang at half mast so he looks a little evil and a lot tired. He's got kind of a bad rep at our house.
"Tybs is not someone I like to hang out with," Spencer said.
And we laughed, trying to picture the cat compared to Spencer's wide group of friends.
I was trying to figure out where the cat stood in the polls, if there were any friends he might outrank.
"I mean, it might be okay if there were like four other guys, but you wouldn't want to hang out with him alone," Spencer continued.
"I only like him because he doesn't have any other friends," Spencer said.
"So no road trips?" Tucker asked.
"No, I am not going on a road trip with Tybs."
And we all laughed because, well, he's a cat.


Grace said...

Hey now! He's my cat! Leave the poor guy alone, he'll learn eventually.

Linda said...

I got my cat at an animal shelter and he'd never been around people-found in a field, I think-so he's always been afraid of movement and will run if you approach him even after 13 years. But, if everyone is sitting down, he will come and join the party looking for attention. Very sweet, but he has "issues".

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