Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday I went to the store looking for a dress shirt that Tucker can wear to homecoming. I didn't find the shirt he wanted, but I did find a new sweater that goes perfectly with a skirt I own.
When I got home, I held the sweater up to the skirt and was thrilled that it matched so well. Something about the sweater kept nagging at me and that's when I looked at my dreamboard and realized it was very similar to a sweater from J.Jill that I had cut out and put on the dreamboard.

Do I think this was a coincidence? No, obviously I've looked at that sweater every day since last spring when I placed the picture there.
So I had two realizations, one the dreamboard is more like a goal board. I put the things up that I want to accomplish and I try to accomplish them. A few things on the dreamboard are things I can buy, like the sweater. There's also a pair of sandals there and Rosetta Stone, which I haven't bought.
The other thing I realized about my dreamboard is that I've accomplished some of the things on there. I've made my dreams come true. I have a pair of boarding passes for our tickets to France from seven years ago because I hoped for a trip to France. I got that trip to France in April.
I also have an inspirational saying to help me finish my book. And I did.
What I haven't accomplished yet is having a book published. I have a mock up cover for a book on my dream board.
Some things on the board seem out of reach, which makes them more like dreams than goals, like houses in Provence that I would like to own. So those will stay on the dreamboard, but I'm taking down the sweater.
I've got a primo spot on my dreamboard.
What would you put in the middle of your dream board?


Picture a Quiet Mind said...

Beautiful dream board; certainly inspirational.

I'm not sure I know how to dream but you have me curious.

Thanks for sharing maybe I can learn from you.

Let's go with a picture of a quiet mind.

Linda said...

I think dream boards work too. I'd put up some sort of symbol for a book too.

Stephanie said...

So where do you keep your dreamboard in your house?

What would I put in the middle of my dreamboard? I think right now it would be something that could represent a full, uninterrupted night's sleep. Maybe the "dreamboard" itself could to that.

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