Thursday, September 09, 2010

On The Road Again

For those of you who are wondering, yes, I'm going to visit Grace this weekend.
Thanks to all of my friends, whose opinions I value, who encouraged me to continue to nurture my daughter even though she is, technically, an adult.
This has been a tough week for Grace as she battled leg pain and finally visited the health center to learn that she has either sprained her right calf or has tendonitis. She is banished from dryland practice until she heals. That means limiting her activities, keeping her leg elevated as much as possible and icing it.
After her morning visit to the Health Center, she developed Montezuma's Revenge and a fever Wednesday afternoon.
All of these illnesses and injuries may be normal for college freshman, it's just hard with her being so far away from home. Some of her friends have already travelled home for the weekend and that's not a possibility for her since she's nine and half hours away.
I made a hotel reservation where we plan to hole up, watch TV, read trashy magazines, and luxuriate in the privacy of a bathroom that she doesn't have to share with 40 other girls. The hotel was pricier than I had hoped, so I only plan to stay one night, but I can extend my stay to a second night if we need to.
Grace sent me a list of things to bring, which includes her knitting, movies like Moulin Rouge and Bride and Prejudice, and one of the cats. I declined to bring the cats because I'd like a full night's sleep without them.
Grace has had a lot of positives this week though, including a swing dance class that she loved before she found out about the leg issues.
She had also volunteered to help with costumes at the theater and she found out this week that she can use her work study to get paid for doing costumes and makeup at the theater. Perfect!
I'm looking forward to seeing Grace and spending some time without all the testosterone in my house, even though my boys need nurturing too. They'll be fine without me for the weekend. They and Earl can make it a macho weekend, full of football games and potato chips.


Lucia said...

So nice...I love the old and new pics. Hope she feels better soon.

Linda said...

I bet you two will have a great time without the demand of the testosterone set. Sounds like heaven to me.


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