Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Strange Signs

We just got back from a long and delicious dinner at a friend's house. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, since it's after midnight here which means I'm nearly a pumpkin.
I saw this sign yesterday and couldn't figure out what it meant. (Ignore the graffiti. I'm talking about why the state or the city would put up a sign like this.)

Why would it have a line drawn through a parent and child holding hands? The other side of the sign clued me in on the way back. Does anyone have any guesses?


Angelique said...

Do not abduct children here.

Do not cross la rue ici.
(Look, you've got me speaking Franglish!)

It's a geometry lesson (somehow).

Angelique et enfants said...

Entering seedy part of town, not recommended for children.

No pedophiles allowed.

Do not cross without holding hands.

Anonymous said...

Entering playground - children will be horrified if you are still holding their hands.

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