Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Red Toes, Will Travel

I decided to save some money by giving myself a pedicure. I planned to paint my toes an orangey gold, but my husband said he preferred red. I painted them red.
Just as a warning to anyone else who thinks about cutting corners by doing things yourself, rethink that self-bikini wax. Once you have the nerve to apply the hot wax down there, there is only one way to get it off. With a yank. And it hurts.
That's my tip for the day.


Suburban Kamikaze said...

A do-it-yourself bikini wax? I would take out my own appendix first.


Stephanie said...

EEK! I've been trying to get up the nerve for years to attempt a do-it-yourselfer, but I'm just not brave enough (or flexible enough for that matter). And I'm way too prudish to go and have someone else do it, so I just hack at myself with a razor instead.

Thanks for the tip though (I think).

BFF said...

Leah had a Brazillian done - ouch and how embarassing. Amazed that either of you would do more than think about it

Among Other Things, Guess I'm Also A Prude said...


And did Earl "really like red" because you had it on hand and it would save you a trip back to the drugstore .... or was it necessary to complete the picture he keeps in his head. -- never mind. TMI.

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