Saturday, April 03, 2010

Making a Mess

Ever notice how easy things look on television? My boys saw a commercial for Rice Krispie treats shaped into eggs and dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. They decided they would like to do that.
I have never made Rice Crispie treats. So I bought a box at the grocery and saw that I needed marshmallows and butter. I got out a heavy pan and the boys went to work.
Spencer melted the 3 tbsp. of butter then poured in a bag of miniature marshmallows. Tucker put some chocolate chips in the microwave to melt. Then they measured six cups of Rice Krispies and poured them into the pan.
This pan is cast iron and the whole thing gets hot, so one boy held the hot handle with a pot holder while the other stirred. The next step was to shape them into eggs shapes.
The commercial shows a mom with little children laughing and smiling as they pat the sticky treat into egg shapes. My boys quickly found out that more stuck to their hands than to the egg shape. And when they tried to dip it in chocolate, it came apart. They ate a lot off their hands and ended up running to the sink to wash them.
"Imagine if your hands were sticky like this all the time," Spencer said.
I suggested the gecko may have this problem.
"If you played Xbox with sticky hands like this, you'd ruin the controller," Spencer continued, mulling over the tribulations of sticky hands.
Spencer burned his wrist reaching into the hot pan and I think I didn't plan it very well.
"The commercial makes it look so easy," Spencer said.
"Yeah, but their mom was helping them," Tucker said accusing me. I laughed.
They ate a few and created eight Rice Krispie eggs that still remain.


Linda said...

The concept sounds good. Would butter or oil on their hands have helped?

Paulita said...

We tried butter. Tucker said washing his hands with cold water helped the most

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