Friday, April 16, 2010

Reading the Signs

Suppose you planned a dream vacation. Suppose you told all your friends about it and talked about it for months.
Then suppose you started having second thoughts. Maybe you shouldn't go. It was going to be expensive and you do have a child going off to college this year. Maybe it would be better to put off this vacation.
You looked for signs, other than the dollar signs.
Was it a sign when the airline said you couldn't get a refund? That meant you had to go.
Was it a sign when the hotel had a room available? Everything was falling into place.
Was it a sign when your friends planned to be in town that same weekend so you could see them?
All the signs seemed to be pointing to yes. Yes! This is the right vacation for you.
Perhaps, you were missing the smaller signs. Maybe even some medium-sized signs, because all of a sudden a large sign has shot from a glacier.
A volcano erupts in Iceland, stopping all overseas travel.
Now that's what I call a sign. A sign that no one could miss.
Don't worry, we have a backup plan.


Linda said...

Hopefully the disruption of travel is over. I was hoping you would get to go to Paris but I'm sure a backup plan would be fun too.

Sheila said...

when were you supposed to be leaving?

Hope You Go said...

We are funny with our "signs" aren't we. TeeHee. It's my new favorite comment ..... its a sign !

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