Thursday, December 10, 2009

All Bluster, No Bite

I don't know about other parts of the country or the world,but here in Ohio, the weather forecasters are always predicting doom and gloom. If there's a snow storm in the west, they'll predict 10 inches of snow for us. If there's a heat wave in the south, we're sure to get it. The thing is, usually, they're wrong.
For nearly a week now, we were told yesterday would be a day of high winds. We know high winds here because more than a year ago, a faltering hurricane hit the Gulf of Mexico and swept all the way north, knocking out our power for a week. The weather forecasters didn't even mention this wind storm, by the way. We let our kids ride around town on their bikes and sent Grace driving to downtown Columbus where she watched branches blow across the road. I went to Panera to "work" and write blog posts while we had no power. I can't get the link to work, but you can check the archives for Sept. 2008 if you want to see how we coped for a week without electricity, grilling the chicken that was thawing in our freezer for dinner and using candles for light at night so we could read and play family board games.
This week,we were kind of excited for the predicted wind storm. We watched this big mass of clouds move across weather maps, dumping a foot of snow on all those flat states to the west. When we walked outside just before 7 on Wednesday morning, Grace commented that it felt like Florida. She was right. It was about 50 degrees. During the day, the sun shone and gorgeous puffy clouds skittered across the sky. Sometimes they looked like mountain ranges piled up to the east. Occasionally, the wind would gust. Someone's grill cover blew into the tree by our house. For the most part, the day was a dud. At least, we thought, we had the several inches of snow they were predicting overnight. I get up this morning. Nothing.
The temperature has dropped. It's a frigid 19 degrees, but that's about all the weather forecasters got right. The kids went to bed hoping the school would lose power or the teachers might not be able to get to school for all the snow. No luck. They'll have to slog off, another day in the coal mine.


Sheila said...

It felt petty windy and cold last night walking around Easton! Who goes to an outdoor mall (looking for a black bikini, no less) when there's gale force winds. We do that's who!

And in the midst of Dec. do you think there are any bikinis to be found? No, there's not. Except at Nordstroms, of course. $120 later, we got the damn bikini that she needs for an outdoor photo shoot in the Ozarks this weekend. But i told her to leave the tags on, I know from past experiences that she's probably not going to even need the damn swim suit. :)

Stephanie said...

The clouds did look like a mountain range in the east! It was fabulous!

BFF said...

Yeah, we got the weather but even then, not so much. 2-3 inches and the 2 wussiest snowdays in history.

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