Thursday, July 23, 2020

Reviews Galore

My virtual book tour is moving at the speed of the internet.
It's always gratifying to receive positive reviews, to know that my words have connected with a reader.
The latest review notes the scenes in Paris in my novel Falling for Provence. Part of the story does take place there. And it made me a little verklempt remembering fond wanderings in Paris.

Meanwhile, I'm in the South of France now, can't complain, although my husband did say he wished we could do some traveling. Travel is tough during a pandemic. Spain may be closing its borders with France again as the virus revs up in Barcelona.
That's another reason why a virtual book tour is the perfect solution.
Don't worry if you can't travel this summer either. A book is a perfect way to journey with new people to new places. May I recommend:

The latest review is from  VVB32 Reads. Here's an excerpt:
Amongst family interactions and drama at a B&B in Provence, the protagonist affectionately known as Fia encounters some shady shenanigans. She gets drawn into an adventure and mystery beyond the scope of daily maintenance at the B&B which kept my attention to the end.
I hope you'll take a look. You can find my book on Amazon, Barnes&Noble or Kobo.
Or go to France Book Tours and enter a chance to win an ebook. 

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Vagabonde said...

Yes your are right – the only way to travel now is through books. My daughter and I had planned to go to Key West … but it is in Florida… Then I was going to fly to France and visit my cousin … but people from America are banned. CNN was saying yesterday that we have to get used to pandemics, as there will be more. Who wants to hear that? I have not been on your blog for a while, I hope you are adjusting well. It’s certainly different from Columbus, and I am sure you miss some of the things from the US, that’s normal. Take care.

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