Thursday, July 16, 2020


This week we had a visit from two ABC news reporters.
Don't worry, we weren't in trouble.
They came to interview Earl about a story he covered years ago when he worked at the Tampa Tribune.
Earl in our kitchen with the videographer reflected in the mirror
Earl started out as a television/radio reporter so he wasn't intimidated by the cameras, but he was worried about remembering a case he covered 30 years ago. The problem with covering trials in Florida, is that there are always so many. The case they wanted to talk about was one that was overshadowed by a man who took a tourist from Ohio and her two teen daughters out on a boat and killed them all, throwing them overboard and weighing them down so their bodies wouldn't be found. Who can blame Earl that he wouldn't remember the case of a man who killed just one teenager? (Of course, I'm being facetious. Losing anyone is atrocious, just pointing out that Florida had its fair share of over-the-top murders)
The ABC reporter and videographer came from Paris by train, rented a car in Perpignan, and drove to Quillan.
That's hard core. It made Earl seem very important.
A light in the living room provided back lighting for Earl. We had to remove things
from the coat rack and threw them on the couch so they'd be out of the shot. 
I graded papers upstairs in my office; Grace and Jack hid out in their bedroom; and Earl entertained the news people in the kitchen and living room.
After a few hours, they finished filming and I wandered downstairs to take a few pictures.
The reporter asked questions off camera. She lives in Paris. Tough job. 
You'll see the interview someday on the news program 2020.


Kiwi said...

Very cool! Love your Van Gogh print.

Unknown said...

Very cool.
PS... your home is beautiful!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Yes, very cool!
Your house is looking beautiful!

riya patel said...

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Noreen said...

Wait, what?! And Earl used to be a TV news reporter? Always a surprise with the two of you.

Paulita said...

Lol, I love that there's a spam comment for call girls on the comments. I'm going to leave it.
Kiwi, Thanks. We found it in a troc in Carcassonne. Apparently, a Chinese painting school does reproductions of famous French painters, so it's a reproduction with actual paint. Better than a print of the real thing, we decided.
Unknown Commenter and Jackie, Thanks, the house is coming along. It feels comfortable, especially the kitchen. I'm still negotiating a redo on the paint in the living room. It feels a bit intense to me.
Noreen, Yes, Earl began as a local reporter doing Statehouse video and audio. With a voice like his, you can't be that surprised.
Thanks to everyone for commenting.

Just Me said...

Beautiful home PK. Fascinating to have major news organization hunt you down and travel to interview you in person.

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