Thursday, March 26, 2020

My Novels Free on Kindle Through Sunday

I can't really do much to save the world and the people around me.
I'm not a doctor or a nurse or a scientist working on a cure for Coronavirus.
I'm not even a grocery store clerk making sure that the shelves are full and people don't hoard.
But I am an author and I can offer my four novels for free on Kindle.
Just visit my author page on Amazon to download any of my four novels. Hopefully it will help the time to pass more quickly for you as you are hunkered down in your home trying to stay safe.
Three of my novels are about running away to France, and now I've done that.
I took this picture on Thursday morning on my run. The mountains had snow last night and
the sun was shining on them behind the church steeple. 
My most recent novel is Paris Runaway:  On a quest to find her teenage daughter, can a mother find herself? Romance, travel, adventure.
Photo credit Virginia Jones from "Paris Through My Lens" blog
 The Summer of France is also available free on Kindle. Escape to Provence. But don't expect only sunflowers and blue skies. Family secrets and suave Frenchmen may complicate life.

My final available novel set in France is I See London I See France. Here's a review so you can see it through someone else's eyes: “This novel is a fun escape to France, including a whirl-wind ride through neighboring countries. I loved the descriptions of the various settings and interesting tidbits about living in France. If you like stories set in places you'd love to visit, and enjoy a bit of intrigue and history as well, you'll enjoy this book!”– Jackie Bouchard, author of What the Dog Ate
Photo credit for this one goes to my youngest son. 

But I did find some adventure while still in the United States as I wrote Trail Mix. Two suburban women in their mid-40s  decide to hike the Appalachian Trail as the ultimate diet plan but sometimes it takes an escape from everyday life, time to examine the forest, before the trees and life become clear.

I hope you'll download one of my novels and let me know if all of the characters running away from their responsibilities help you escape some of your worries. 


Kiwi said...

Very generous of you, thanks. Will try "Paris Runaway." We all certainly can use some escapist outlets these days, and I'm getting burned out on multiple episodes of the "Great British Bakeoff." :-)

Paulita said...

Kiwi, Thanks for downloading. Hope it helps take your mind off this quarantine. I've gone through all the episodes of the Great British Bakeoff. So bummed

Mystica said...

I love travel memoirs and at a time like this, I am very appreciative that you did this. We are in total curfew/lockdown till the 11th (for which I am glad) but it is taking its toll.

Paulita said...

Mystica, I hope you enjoy my novels.

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