Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Packages on Porches

So after whining about not getting enough presents last week, there it was on my front porch -- a long white package, placed there by the mailman.
I carried it inside and tore open the end without even looking at the addressee or the return address. I just knew it was for me.
And this is what I found.

What could this be, you ask? Look at the gorgeous presentation, the sage colored outer wrapping and the party-atmosphere raffia cords tying it closed.
Then I looked at the card.

Yes! My Provence Rug had arrived, and pretty quick too.
My blogging friend Delana in Aix en Provence and another blogger in North Carolina at An Eye for Detail started a business together -- Provence Rugs. In addition to rugs, they also sell trays and bowls and soap dishes in Provencal materials. (And they're offering 10 percent off through Wednesday.)
Anyway, enough promoting Delana's glorious business, back to me and my mystery package.
So I unrolled it and there I saw the beautiful "Rosehip Red" rug with the little golden cigales along the border.
I placed the rug in front of my door where it immediately received cat approval.


Lucia said...

it's very nice!

aguja said...

Excitement! Packages on Porches. I love the title. The rug is ideal for your cat, so it's great that it is telling you so, right away!

Grace said...

I'm so jealous!! I want one.

judi said...

beautiful colors!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Cat approval means a beautiful, quality product...LOL

Linda said...

Very nice-so colorful.

BFF said...

Gorgeous and jealous

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